Docker Satis Gitlab

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Clone this repository:

git clone
cd docker-satis-gitlab


Build an image:

cd src
docker build -t gitlab-satis .


Create directory for your future container somewhere on your server:

mkdir -p ~/docker/satis-gitlab
cd ~/docker/satis-gitlab
mkdir config web

Create .env file:


Follow this manual to issue a personal access token in GitLab. We suggest to create a separate GitLab user for this purpose and add it to repositories and organizations as Reporter to pervent any changes using this token.

Create additional config file:

This JSON file will merged with the resulting Satis config. Create it empty by default and fill it when you need to put anything extra in the Satis config.

echo '{}' > config/prototype.json

Run Docker container:

docker run --env-file=.env -v /home/username/docker/satis-gitlab/config:/app/config -v /home/username/docker/satis-gitlab/web:/app/web satis-gitlab

In a few seconds you will see new files in web and config directories. Configure a web server with webroot in web directory and you are ready to go!


If you don't see new files in web dir – attach to the container output to start troubleshooting:

docker attach $(docker ps | grep satis | awk '{print $1}')



This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license. Read more here.

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