Asset Packagist     php

Composer compatible repository allowing installation of Bower and NPM packages as native Composer packages

Composer Config Plugin     php

Composer plugin for config assembling

HiPanel     yii2

Next generation control panel for hosting, domains and more

HiArt     yii2

ActiveRecord for API

HiDev     php

Automation tool mixed with code generator for easier continuous development

HiSite     yii2

Modular Yii2 CMS. This site is built with HiSite

HIAM     yii2

Identity and Access Management server providing OAuth2, multi-factor authentication and more

Yii2 Themes     yii2

Theme engine and collection of themes for Yii2

Yii2 Assets     yii2

Assets for Yii2

Merchant     php/yii2

Payment processing library. Wrapper for Omnipay. Gateways for InterKassa, RoboKassa, ...

chkipper     yii2


hEPPy     python

EPP client and library in Python