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Create the DB in MySQL:

CREATE DATABASE asset_packagist;
CREATE USER 'asset-packagist'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'GOOD_PASSWORD';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON asset_packagist.* TO 'asset-packagist'@'localhost';

Create the project with composer:

composer create-project --stability=dev "hiqdev/*" dir

Make configuration tuning:

Create src/config/params-local.php with the following content:

return [
    'cookieValidationKey'   => 'set_any_random_string_here',
    'db.password'           => 'GOOD_PASSWORD',

Copy .env.example to .env and adjust it:

cp .env.example
edit .env

Deploy the project

./vendor/bin/hidev deploy

Configure your web-server. (hidev can install nginx config for you, run ./vendor/bin/hidev nginx/deploy).

Try to fetch your first package from web-interface or using the following command:

./vendor/bin/hidev asset-package/update bower jquery

Working with queues

Some operations such as package update will push tasks to queue. Run queue to execute that tasks:

./vendor/bin/hidev queue/run

It is recommended to run all console commands from the same user you are running the web application to prevent permissions problems in web/p directory.

Known bugs:

Just skip red error messages Couldn't read ..., they are unimportant.


This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license. Read more here.

Copyright © 2016-2017, HiQDev (